OMG!!! What The Heck???

Posted by MEIJI

Hello readers,
Wut up guys?? First of all I want to thanks to all of u cause viewing my page..HIHI...Hope u guys in a good mood. Today i discovered something horrible in my life. Wut was it??Hmm... let me tell u the story:

Tick tock tick tock...the clock stikes at 2.45 pm..hmm...wut a lous
y day...I am feeling tired & bored...wut should i do rite now?? pack up my stuffs..hmm...mayb not, cause its not time to go back yet... hmmm..yup!!, y not take a leisure stroll along the corridor? hmm..that's a brilliant idea & off i went. As i passed the lab , i saw something that caught my was the weighing machine used to be my best friend once, a few years back..hmm..y not i pay a visit to him?...,hihihi...with all of my heart and souls ,i stepped my foot on that machine and closed my eyes( holding my breath).Once i am on it,i slowly opened my eyes & took a looked at the screen &.....the first word that came out from my mouth was..."OMG"x3!!! i found out that my weight had increased...ARghhh!!!!! Somebody help ME!!!!!!!!!!( echo)..i can't believed it. I need to do something guys.It's a long process to cut down your weight babe.It takes nearly 6 months to cut down at least 8 kilo's...ARGHHHH!!!!!.I am stress rite now!!! Like it or not, I have to start all over again, especially my diet & exercise.I'm praying to god to give back my strength to overcome this rubbish thing and need moral support from my friends...Wish me luck in my mission ok!!

(Moral of the story....
Be careful of wut u eat..cause u are wut u eat!!!)

which is which??

2 Responses to "OMG!!! What The Heck???"

  1. NaimYmanI Says:

    what a world....the world so cruel.....i feel sad 4 you...hope u can survive with ur body weight n body feature...

  2. Mieji Says:

    hahahaha...hope so dear...may all the fat burn...