The nicest thing that I can called you is..WORTHLESS!!!

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Greetings to all my friend.

Today I am going to talk about the movie that I watched last night. My friend and I went to W2 a.k.a Wangsa Walk to watch this movie entitle Despicable Me. The show starts at 8.45 pm and we watched in 3D by the way(hahaha.. bragging tak tentu pasal kan?). The story is about a bad ass guy named (Gru) that try to compete with the new villain called Vector. It' is because Vector managed to steal a pyramid and thus, Gru himself felt mad and try to gain back his pride by planning to steal the moon.It sounds weird right?

During the movie you will meet with this yellow little minions that are cute and make funny sounds . I promised you guys that you will never regret to watch this movie. Each of the characters itself is cute and hilarious especially those orphan kids (Margo, Edith & Agnes). I can't abide the jokes & start to laugh from the beginning till the end of the show.They also put some feeling moment inside this movie.I was touched by that moment( hahaha... feeling lebih).Instead of that the 3D was far more better compare to Alice in the Wonderland. I thought of watching it for the second time.

Feel free to watch this movie, hope you'll enjoy it!! This movie deserves to get two thumbs up.

Superbad Superdad

Gru the villain

Vector launching his attack!!

Edith, Agnes & Margo

Last but not least, the lovely minions

You...yes it's you!!!! look at me....

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Hello Malaysian people, rise and shine!!

Hope everybody are in their best shape. Actually I don't really have time to write because of the time constraint but to full fill the request from my fans so I have to write ( perasan banyak peminat... hahahaha..bunuh diri la..). First of all I just want to ask you guys one simple question, what is friend? I'm sure all of you know the answer to this question right?..Hmm...Well through my experience I had faced a lot of type of friends because I'm getting older...hmm....not older but getting matured ( it's a proper way to close your weakness).Hahahaha( cannot accept the fact). Some of them are sincere to become your friend & some of them just pretend to be your best pal (ya whatever).

The term friend here applied to me as ; someone that we can lean on when we need them. Actually this post is an acknowledgment for my dearest friends. I believe it's not too late for me to say thank you to all of my friends because you guys are rocks!,some more treat me damn well & never fed up with my 'gila-gila' attitude( I know sometimes you guys feel annoyed ) hahahaha...I don't care. As time goes by, some of them are leaving soon to full fill their dreams. Well I want to wish them best of luck and farewell especially to Pn. Esah( 50 cents) , Reengan (Hump kid) , Kak Zura( Diva), Kak Pidah( Mitchelle).. and to the rest of my friends such as Zoul, Kanesh, Ifwat, Shiela, Suhaila, Kak Pah, Refie, Aini( Gg) ,Kak Timah, Kak Su, Harut.......( semua yang mengenali diri ini) may our friendship last forever. Love you guys!!!!. I supposed this post should be long( berjela-jela) but for me it has a big meaning to me .